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Digital Grange Services


Our scans are captured with the Betterlight 8K large format or the Phase One P45 medium format digital backs coupled with strobe or Northgate HID lighting. Smaller artwork is scanned on our Creo Eversmart Supreme flatbed high resolution scanner. We custom color profile every capture resulting in incredibly sharp, crystal clear, color accurate scans with native resolution sizes exceeding 1 gigabyte possible. This means that we can print full 60" wide prints directly from our highest resolution scans with no need for enlarging!

Documentation up to 100MB (2D only)

Qty: 1 $55
Qty: 3 or more $45 ea

Includes scan, CD and jpg file. Ideal for promo cards, catalogue reproductions, internet and email.

Reproduction – 101-400MB

Qty: 1 $90
Qty: 3 or more $75 ea

Includes scan, CD, jpg and 1 proof. Perfect for most full size reproductions and prints.

Edition - 401-800MB

Qty: 1 $125
Qty: 3 or more $110 ea

Includes scan, CD, jpg and 2 proofs. For full size and larger prints and when cropping sections.

Deluxe - 801MB and above

Qty: 1 $250
Qty: 3 or more $235 ea

Large installation or cropping small sections for large prints? This is the ultimate scan.

Additional 6x9" Proofs $15
Flat rate proofing $150
Surcharge for works over 48" x 60" $25