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The grange movement was a producers' co-op formed by rural American farmers who banded together in the 1860s to sell their crops and trade with one another in buildings supported by their local communities. In that same spirit, Digital Grange, located in the historic 1898 Burdell Building, was established by Bill Kane and Joe McDonald to encompass not only their expertise in the creation of Digital Fine Art, but also the talents of other members of the artistic community for the benefit of their clients.

Colleagues, members of the Grange:

John Annesley

Fine art supports; stretchers & panels: John's stretchers, strainers, panels and floater frames are the best available and artworks in themselves. He also offers superb stretching and mounting services and artist supplies and materials.

Hamish Hafter

Custom framing & ArtPak storage bags: Hamish offers highest quality matting and framing services at exceptionally reasonable prices. He also produces ArtPak, custom-padded bags which protect artwork when in storage or in transit.

Campana Design

Website creation & graphic design: Elegance in design. Twenty years experience in web, print and brand awareness. Design services include websites, books, logos and brochures.

Wayne Berger

Custom Wordworking: Wayne is a consummate artist and woodworker. He brings his high level of craftsmanship to the DG fold through his customized lightboxes.